Lighting Fuel  

Nationally, the most commonly used form of lighting fuel in Kenya is tin lamps at 38 percent, followed by lanterns at 30 percent and electricity at 23 percent as illustrated in figure 2.38.

 Figure 2.38: Lighting fuel in Kenya

 The use of electricity is 10 times more in urban areas than it is in rural areas. 84 percent of households in rural areas use tin lamps and lanterns for lighting compared with 46 percent of households in urban areas, a difference of 39 percentage points. While the use of fuel wood for lighting in rural areas is significantly high at 7 percent, the use of solar for lighting is only 1.6 percent countrywide as illustrated in figure 2.39.

Figure 2.39: Lighting fuel in rural and urban areas


 Figure 2.40 : Electricity coverage by county

A household in Nairobi is 36 times more likely to have electricity for lighting than a household in Turkana and Tana River Counties as illustrated in figure 2.40.